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Lucky Number 25


My 25th blog post is dedicated to the last COM 460 assigned blog. It has been a journey, and while I look back at my first posts, I can tell that I have made some improvements! Social media class at the University of Louisville isn’t your normal college course. It has taught me the power of social media and the numerous opportunities in this world that require knowledge and experience with social media.

I have learned the importance of monitoring social media, legal implications, strategic planning, social media influence, and how to become viral. When it comes to event planning, social media with use of hashtags and infographics are your best friend. Being able to hear several news anchors from around Louisville talk about their interactions on Twitter and Facebook while on air and off air to prepare for segments just shows how social media is emerging in the workforce. As a result, Universities have been incorporating these tasks in their course work.

The strategies and teaching style that Professor Freberg has used is an example of what students should expect a lot more of in the future.

Colorado Technical University has an article called:The Beauty of Technology: How Classrooms are Harnessing the Power of Emerging Media
The article explains the new learning techniques that are emerging in the classroom in today’s society. It talks about the effect of visual learning through animation with subjects such as science or engineering.

Now, pertaining to social media in the classroom, I found an article that sounded very familiar. An article about a professor using Twitter for outside participation for a college course. “Do Social Media Benefit College Students by Engaging Them in the Course Material?”
by DR. SHAMVA WRIGHT on MAY 1, 2013
Dr. Shamva explains how she would use Twitter to ask students bonus questions and advice on future homework assignments. This reminded me of the interactions I have had this semester with the Freberg13 hashtag.

This class has allowed me to be more confident as I go out into the real world to find a job. As social media becomes a part of everyone’s day-today lifestyle and “go-to” for information seeking, businesses and corporations are becoming more interactive on social media. Because of this development, I hope to one day use my knowledge to help a company succeed in providing positive influence to create loyal customers through social media!

-Jennifer Jo

Final Day at WDJX


My 317 communications internship was with 99.7 WDJX radio station here in Louisville, Kentucky. They are located at 520 S 4th St. which is downtown beside 4th Street Live. 99.7 WDJX is under Main Line Broadcasting and plays the top hits on the pop billboard charts. I was an intern for The Ben Davis and Kelly K. Show that ran from 5:30am until 10:00am.

The goal I had for this internship was to gain experience with broadcasting and running a radio show. I wasn’t initially interested in a career in radio broadcasting or promotions for a radio station, but after being with Ben and Kelly for about 3 ½ months, I started thinking about possible jobs that would entail skills used for running a radio show. Almost every Thursday, Jack Phillips, the Production Manager, would have commercials for me to record. Through my experience with reading an advertisement, recording my voice, figuring out ways to change the tone and speed of my voice, and learning how to cut down pauses, I accomplished my goal of being able to make a successful audio clip to be used on air.

Thursday, November 14th was my last day at the internship. That day was the most memorable one I had at the station. The day started out with a not so pleasant surprise. I had to spin the “Wheel of Dares.” The wheel landed on a dare called “chewed gum.” Well, let’s just say Ben, Kelly, and Alex had to chew a piece of gum and put it in my hand while I proceeded to put it in my mouth and chew it for 10 seconds. I thought that was disgusting, and then Kelly added a pop tart bite in the gum. Let’s just say, I was on air throwing up.

They all ended up buying me breakfast after my crazy experience on air, and it made up for the dare. I am so glad I was able to become close with Ben and Kelly and gain experience with radio broadcasting. Leaving was bitter sweet, but I hope to continue the relationship I have with WDJX in the future!
Ben Davis & Kelly K Show: Facebook

-Jennifer Jo

Social Media & Crisis Communications


Every company or organization has equal opportunity for crisis to come their way through social media. Social media is open to everyone, and when everyone has control of a companies reputation. How so? Well, if a customer is disrespected by an employee of a company, has a hatred for a brand, or feels the need to make fun of something’s, they are able to. Crisis among the social media world is threatening and needs strategic plans to push away the threat before it is in full swing!

On Bernstein Crisis Management , there are 10 steps and strategies for crisis management:
(Here are some I thought were interesting)
1. Always expect that you are just as vulnerable to crisis as other businesses are. Plan for the crisis and have responses ready.
2. Train your companies spokesperson. The public doesn’t see the “behind the scenes,” of the crisis. They are all just worried about the reputation of your brand and if they trust it through your spokesperson.
3. Establish a monitoring system. Replying to hashtag comments or comments directed towards a certain profile so you are aware or what is being said. People don’t expect a response to a negative comment, so be polite and apologize even if you don’t feel like the company should apologize. says:
“However, PR’s job is to make these sorts of annoyances disappear as quickly as possible, and that’s less likely if you’re engaging with an angry mob: your participation keeps that conversation alive.”

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Your response to any crisis should be planned and not off the limb!

“Plan your attack”

-Jennifer Jo Costello



Lady Gaga released her new album at midnight today: ARTPOP. I pre-ordered it yesterday and have been constantly listening to her magical creation since the clock struck 12am.
20131111-212602.jpgBetween class, while driving the Red Bull car, and while I type this blog up on my iPhone her album has been playing through my headphones and speakers. To be honest, the album will be the soundtrack of the rest of the my semester. Let’s just say, I am a serious fan of Lady Gaga. She is crazy, bold, talented, and entertaining. She is a true artist and I will always be inspired and passionate about Gaga!

My love for Gaga started when my dad called me during my senior year in high school, 2010, and told me that he bought my sister and I tickets that were by the stage for the Monster Ball tour! Brought to tears, my outfit planning started, and I sewed up a creation for her concert. My sister and I looked at each other while walking out of the stadium and said “that was the best night of my life!” Lady Gaga put on a show. A production. A getaway from life. She was everything!

Developing a tradition after Lady GaGa’s album Born This Way came out in May 2011, my dad bought my sister and I another pair of tickets to her Born This Way Ball tour that was in 2013. We made sure to one up our last costume, and had another amazing night.
As ARTPOP came out at midnight, all I could think of was the next tour of Gaga and what kind of production it would be. Lady Gaga will always pull an idea out for her concerts and I pray that I can experience the show again for the third time. When my sister sent me this picture while I was listening to the same song today, I knew that when I go home for Thanksgiving, our car rides will be full of memories and smiles AND GAGA!!…

Jennifer Jo ❤️🎵

Event Planning through Social Media


Event planning seems to go hand in hand with social media. I like to think about how special events around the world became successful without the help of social media back before Facebook and Twitter. Spreading the word and creating a sort of hype for an event has been elevated to another level. An article on that talks about event planning and the need for social media today explains a study that has been done.
From a guest lecture this week and others in the past, I have realized that events take a lot of time, planning and most importantly money! With the expenses of venue, decorations, dj, sound system, etc, cost can only be supported through sponsors. Sponsors are the one thing that can boost an event to a whole other level. They help advertise through Twitter profiles, tease thoughts and themes that tie into the event, and can offer give always to increase engagement!

Every event needs a social media plan. You should know your target audience, where your target audience is on social media, how they use it, and most importantly their attention span towards certain content. Another idea is to use social media to show RSVP. With Facebook there are pages to favorite and allow the owner of the page to know you are coming to the event. OR there is a specific tool called Splash that was created in 2011 to event planners to manage and share events with guests online. Mashable has an article explaining more on this and the success stories.

Whether or not you have a Facebook page or Twitter account for a specific even or not, it is easy to create pages and handles along with a hashtag to spread an excitement about an event. Just remember: Tweet consistently, reply to comments, spread hype through visuals, and possibly create a way to know the amount of people that will show up for future reference!

-Jennifer Jo

The Adventures of the Toyota Camry


With a father that owns an automotive and tire service in a town with a population of less than 6,000, I never had to worry about car problems as a teenager. When something was wrong with my vehicle, I would always trust that my dad would take car of me! Being such a positive and caring father that I will always look up to, he has always found a way to make things work, even as a father of 2 daughters that are enrolled in college.

So, along with all of that, he found a way to throw in two cars for my sister and I that are in college in 2 different states. Not saying they are new cars, but they work and do the job!

My car, is a different story though. I currently drive a Toyota Camry which was purchased from a customer of my fathers for only $200! Now, the only reason it was a “steal” was because the transmission was ruined, and their only option other than a several thousand dollar fix, was to junk it. MY DAD WOULD NOT LET THAT CAR PASS. Being the Toyota fan he is, he bought it, rebuilt the motor and transmission, and handed it over to me at age 16!!!!

5 years later and 233 miles from home (5 hour drive) my trusty Toyota hasn’t failed me. BUT The thing is, before and during college I have put near 100,000 miles on my beautiful 2000 Toyota Camry. I’m at a whopping 216,640 miles!!

My first adventure was to Houston, TX!

I have learned to fit my whole life in my car. From Illinois to a University of Louisville dorm room and everything in between, I’ve found a tactic where everything I own will fit in my car. Is this dangerous? Yes. But, without any other option I make it work.


I have moved my entire life to a new location SIX times in the past 2 years while living in Louisville, KY and have traveled to Houston, TX, Daytona, FL, New Orleans, LA, Atlanta, GA, and Indianapolis, IN, Columbus, OH, and Steelville, MO in the past 4 years.

……everything has been wonderful and easy sailing until just recently the check engine light came on…. 😢 I’m crossing my fingers that the prized peach of a YOTA holds in there until Thanksgiving so my father can fix it. If it weren’t for my Toyota, the memories I have created through my travels would have never happened with such ease and trust!

The adventures will continue, and in my future I hope to own another Toyota that can offer more space for my belongings, because my future holds hopeful travels!

@Toyota : Toyota USA

-Jennifer Jo