HootSuite University.


So, I’m enrolled in two different Universities. I am a student at the University of Louisville and also an online student for the University of HootSuite…. Okay, so that is a little exaggerated. ☺️ I am enrolled in the HootSuite University online social media training program where I will eventually receive my 🏆medal and certification in “social media management expertise.” I guess I should say that my goal for this program is to be knowledgable and aware of how to utilize the functionalities of HootSuite to build a stronger online presence.

HootSuite University’s coursework includes watching informative videos about HootSuite and other social media platforms. Here is the first video I watched on HootSuite University:

Having the certification program as a requirement for my social media class seemed a little overwhelming at first, but when I started getting the hang of it, I wasn’t so worried! I am actually starting to realize how much this class and HootSuite will help me in the real world. If I am being interviewed for a position and am asked about my experience with social media, I will have a strong background and feel confident explaining my knowledge. HootSuite can help me in a professional setting while tracking links on tweets, making customizable reports, or reporting with a team on campaign updates.

The last thing I want to touch base on is my Klout experience. I just watched a video in the course videos on Klout, so I took some time to check it out! I recently attached my Instagram and Twitter account to Klout and received my social media interaction score of 42! I was surprised how high my score was already and will be working hard to increase it. Check your Klout score and maintain a consistent positive reputation with all of your followers!



Back On Track


The majority of my childhood memories consist of weekend trips to the racetrack. What kind of racetrack is it that I am talking about? Well, my father has been drag racing since he was 16 years old. To put that into perspective, he has been the driver of a 1968 Pontiac Firebird (that he bought as a 16 year old) for 36 years. My dad remodeled and built a motor for his Pontiac for a higher class in drag racing. Unable to allow himself to sell his “jewel” it is still put to use, just by me. Yes, I am the driver now of the Classic Costello “Green Weiny.”


I didn’t just jump in the (145 mph in 9 seconds) power machine out of nowhere…. My “career” or experience as a race car driver started when I was 9 years old. I started my interest on a drag racing trip at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana. My favorite race track of all! As a younger sister, I always thought that my older sister would take a liking for the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) and then I could follow her foot steps. I soon learned that she was the furthest thing from interested. She actually dreaded going to the racetrack.

Anxious and on edge, I remember tapping my dad on the shoulder to tell him that I wanted to race Jr. Dragsters. Jr. Dragsters are a half scale version of rail cars(full sized dragsters). Below is a comparison of a Jr. dragster that you can start racing at age 8, to a full size dragster that professionals race. (Top picture: my friend Derrick Beach’s dragster/ Bottom picture: me in the winner circle at age 13 with my JR dragster)


So, I started racing when I was 9 years old, and I actually became pretty good at it. Winning over 25 races from age 9-15( & 364 days :), I could honestly say that I was in love with the sport. Fast forward to three days after my 16th birthday…. This is what I found myself in as my goal was to receive the highest license possible at a 16 year old. I went 180 mph in 7.70 seconds elapse time. TALK ABOUT A RUSH!!! (This is a full sized dragster I was asked to use from a friend to get their car to top speed)


I now drag race my fathers Pontiac, but I have been halted from traveling every weekend because of college and dancing my first and second year in college. I am going back to Indy this next weekend to be the crew chief for my father and root him on like old times. I’m very excited to get back on track and be at my favorite place of all. The Drag Strip!!

My favorite drag racer. John Force Funny Car Champion:

Thanks for reading,
Jennifer Jo

Practice Makes Perfect.


I’m sure you all have heard the classic line: Practice Makes Perfect.

Well, this is true when it comes to blogging and micro-blogging. Blogging will not only allow an individual to market themselves professionally, but also allow one to have a voice and opinion about interesting and upcoming trends or products in this world. Don’t get me wrong, blogs aren’t just for professional or marketing uses. Blogs are used nation wide for those that enjoy creatively telling a story or experience to be shared among others online.

Micro-blogging is much like blogs except the length of blogs are much longer. The most popular microblogging site is Twitter, which only allows one to tweet a 140 character post. On micro-blogs, there is a capability to attach photos, link sites, and embed videos just like a traditional blog. I prefer to use micro-blogging (Twitter) just because of my short attention span. I am trying to get more involved with blogs and bloggers that give great insights to everything social media to help me learn and become more knowledgeable about certain platforms I am unfamiliar about.

Did you know you could make money as a blogger?  “A fantastic way to make money on your blog is by using affiliate marketing which basically means that when you mention a product like this you earn a commission if someone buys the product via your link.” -Josh Kohlbach

Josh is a blogger and has just recently posted about how an individual can make money as an affiliate marketer through blogs. He gives 3 basic tips: 1. Make sure the product or advertising appeals to your readers 2. Make your posts “un boring” and exciting & 3. Always reinforce trust from your readers by advertising and giving suggestions about trustworthy products. These are great tips and can apply to any blogger whether or not they are marketing or not. With blogging one must gain trust and loyal audience members so they are respected as a writer!

I found a video that further explains how to make money from your blogs by using certain marketing strategies. I love the concept of writing about what you love and are passionate about, so I wanted to give you all some more tips on how to be successful by talking about what you love.

When you consistently practice writing blogs or micro-blogs at that, there are going to be improvements on how you write and how interesting your writing style is. Start now, and who knows, you may make some money in the future!!

99.7 WDJX: The Intern


I am an intern at the radio station 99.7 WDJX here in Louisville, KY.
This is an entertaining and hands-on type of atmosphere, which is right up my alley. I have been there for a month now, and have learned so much already.

DJX, being a radio station that plays/features the new top 40 hits, and has to please their listeners by evaluating the public’s interest in music. They do this by having producers come to the station and explain why or when a song by an artist they represent should be played. The unofficial decisions are made simply by having a follow up meeting with everyone in the station and having them rate songs that are new and upcoming to represent the general public.

After being at the station and observing Ben and Kelly, they taught me how to run the audio board. It is very intimidating. (as you can see in the picture below because of its several buttons and controls) Because I have been running the 9am hour for a while now, I’m getting pretty comfortable with all of the controls!

Last week was full of new experiences:

1. I had to help come up with scenarios for certain segments on the morning show. I quickly learned that the juicy and crazy news stories were the ones that most listeners call in about, which not only allows your show to be WIDELY hashtaged on Twitter or talked about, but brings your listeners to be loyal.. If you’re entertaining on their way to work today, they will tune in tomorrow to listen to your show!

2. I have recorded a total of 5 different advertisements to run throughout the day on the station 99.7. About two weeks ago I heard my voice; talk about weird! I’ve done advertising radio commercials from Boars Head, JCPennys, and Kohl’s. The way you use your voice to emphasize and produce feeling is something I will continue to learn.

3. Lastly, I was able to go into a separate station/recording booth to practice acting like I was recording segments for my own show. Lets just say voice work isn’t easy and takes practice!


Facebook: Ben Davis & Kelly K Show

Twitter: 99.7 DJX

Strategy is KEY!


Strategic planning for a social media campaign has to accomplish certain marketing objectives. The first step to any social media campaign is to fully understand the industry or company that you want to plan for to discover their competitors, product category, and consumer market. This step, called the Situation Analysis, is explained more in the textbook, Social Media Marketing, by Tuten and Solomon used in Prof. Freberg’s class. Before anyone starts planning, there are several aspects to a company and their pre existing social medina platforms that you need to know about! Here are a couple questions to ask your client: What social media platforms does this company already have? What is the message and “feel” that this organization wants to give to it’s consumers? (and one of the most important) What is your budget? The whole point of strategic planning of social media is to reach your audience, sustain consistent engagement, and increase brand awareness. This is not easy, so a successful plan and follow up is a longer process than one may think. Deirdre Beakenridge is able to explain just that in her post on http://www.prnewsonline.com/topics/pr-insiders/2013/08/22/social-media-and-public-relations-begin-with-strategic-planning/. She goes on to explain; “When you focus on strategic planning, you’re able to enhance your engagement and create value for your organization, which can take the form of stronger relationships, increased awareness, a positive brand reputation and the ability to shift public opinion.”

Some key points when planning, are to be creative, relate to your target audience and entertain! Think about what would attract YOU as a consumer. Think about fun fundraising or competitions that allow people to put their own personality and twist on a product name and branding. When overwhelmed with different steps to perfect strategic planning, an article that gives you three specific steps may be up your alley: http://www.forbes.com/sites/williamarruda/2013/08/27/three-elements-of-an-effective-social-media-strategy/
When a company starts focusing on their audiences, then their audiences become loyal. That is the KEY! When you have loyalty and positive consumers that engage in the company’s profiles, you have success! 👍

Red Bull Energy Drink


Have you ever seen a little Mini Cooper with a big Red Bull can on top of it like so?…


Well, have you ever wondered who was behind the wheel and what they were doing in such an eye catching car? If you are ever in Louisville, Kentucky and happen to see this extravagant car, 50% chance is that It’ll be me behind the wheel!


YEP! I’m on the Red Bull Wiiings Team! I have been sampling cans of Red Bull for a full year and 1 month. It has been such a fun and rewarding job with so many opportunities to meet new people and experience new things. I have been able to watch how the marketing strategies and product branding strategies develop and change throughout the past 13 months. I am always keeping up my knowledge on the product, so no matter what situation, I’m able to rattle off all benefit messages and explain to you how much caffeine and sugar each can has compared to our competitors! As a Wiiings Team member, I am required to have positive energy, a smile on my face, and confidence to approach any crowd to ask if they would like to try our product. This strategy for an energy drink is very clever because no matter who receives a can of Red Bull, they will always have that moment we gave them something FREE in the back of their head. WE are loyal to our customers and that leads to loyal and passionate buyers! The picture of the DJ on the top left of the picture above is a picture I took at an event here in Louisville called Glow Go. This picture reminds me how awesome my job is to go around and make people’s days! So, if you ever see me or anyone with a Red bull back pack on that is full of product, make sure to ask us for some Wiiings!

Red bull

Here is a video that shows one of Red Bull’s biggest events that is on September 21st! RED BULL FLUGTAG! (Louisville has a FLUGTAG team, so tune in to the live stream hosted in Chicago, Illinois!) :

What is Social Media?


Social media is a rapidly growing community of online interactions, relationships, and information sharing that can be both personal and complex.

Social media 20 years ago is incomparable to social media hubs that have been created and are being used online in today’s world! Think about it, 20 or even 10 years ago we didn’t even know the word, Twitter. If someone came up to us and said, “have you read my tweet?” We would have looked at them crazy and asked them what they were talking about! Twitter is one of the biggest and most popular social media websites/hubs today. Individuals and large organizations have taken over

the Twitter world to share insight on products or even to give a personal opinion on anything happening in their life. In @Kfreberg ‘s class, we talked about different companies that have implemented strategies into their Twitter accounts and used tactics to draw attention to their company. Two corporations have been @Oreo Cookie and @redbull energy drink. They have found a way to entertain their followers and customers by using visual content and clever strategies.

Continuing with Twitter, social media added a feature to their hubs a couple years ago that has given corporations/companies a better idea of target groups and where their users are located. That feature is the locating feature which gives people the option to post where they are located in the world as they post updates. This is a marketing strategy that will continue to grow. There is more information about strategies that link to location on Hashtags.org

Social media isn’t just the usual Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; it’s also iTunes, the social commerce sites such as eBay, and of course video/media sharing, YouTube and Vine. My favorite social media platform that I use daily is Instagram, Vine, and Twitter. These allow me to keep up with other people’s lives through pictures, videos, and tweets. Social media will only grow as the cyber world becomes more complex, so I’m curious what we have in store for us. An article that has given the public some insight on WHAT’S NEXT is “7 Social Networks to Watch” by CNN.

Here is a YouTube video that gives you a lot to think about when it comes to social media!!
Social media video 2013: