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Louisville Skyline

Louisville Skyline

Hello! My Name is Jennifer Jo Costello; I go to the University of Louisville, and I major in Communications. I am from a small town in Illinois called Carlinville that has a population near 5,000. It has been a much needed transfer from “Nowheresville,” Illinois to this faster paced and beautiful city of Louisville!




This blog was created for my Communication 460 class that I am currently taking at UofL:

This is my 3rd year in college, but I am starting my senior year! I will graduate in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. My focus in the Communications Department is in broadcast/video broadcast media. I would love to pursue a career as a television broadcaster; My interest with broadcasting is very broad right now, and I hope to discover what type of broadcasting is my match in the next year. I believe everyone needs a main career dream/goal in their lives, whether it seems unreachable to most people or not. That one thing I dream about accomplishing in life is having my own talk show, where I can give back to the world and entertain my audience through interviews and interesting but inspirational segments. Ellen DeGeneres has been my source of motivation and inspiration to make that one goal come true.

One of my goals in this Social Media Class is to learn more about Video Content Marketing, which has been mentioned by the professor of this course, Dr. Karen Freberg. I want to learn specific techniques to reach a certain focus group through my social media as well as certain tactics to maintain a professional appearance through social media. Lastly, I want to develop a creative mind on how to properly market and advertise certain brands through social media.

I hope to maintain this blog after graduation and learn more about the “Blogging World.” Social Media is only expanding, so I would like to use it to my advantage to make my main professional goal a reality, and do it wisely!

Follow me: @Juicy_JenJo


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