What is Social Media?


Social media is a rapidly growing community of online interactions, relationships, and information sharing that can be both personal and complex.

Social media 20 years ago is incomparable to social media hubs that have been created and are being used online in today’s world! Think about it, 20 or even 10 years ago we didn’t even know the word, Twitter. If someone came up to us and said, “have you read my tweet?” We would have looked at them crazy and asked them what they were talking about! Twitter is one of the biggest and most popular social media websites/hubs today. Individuals and large organizations have taken over

the Twitter world to share insight on products or even to give a personal opinion on anything happening in their life. In @Kfreberg ‘s class, we talked about different companies that have implemented strategies into their Twitter accounts and used tactics to draw attention to their company. Two corporations have been @Oreo Cookie and @redbull energy drink. They have found a way to entertain their followers and customers by using visual content and clever strategies.

Continuing with Twitter, social media added a feature to their hubs a couple years ago that has given corporations/companies a better idea of target groups and where their users are located. That feature is the locating feature which gives people the option to post where they are located in the world as they post updates. This is a marketing strategy that will continue to grow. There is more information about strategies that link to location on Hashtags.org

Social media isn’t just the usual Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; it’s also iTunes, the social commerce sites such as eBay, and of course video/media sharing, YouTube and Vine. My favorite social media platform that I use daily is Instagram, Vine, and Twitter. These allow me to keep up with other people’s lives through pictures, videos, and tweets. Social media will only grow as the cyber world becomes more complex, so I’m curious what we have in store for us. An article that has given the public some insight on WHAT’S NEXT is “7 Social Networks to Watch” by CNN.

Here is a YouTube video that gives you a lot to think about when it comes to social media!!
Social media video 2013:


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