Red Bull Energy Drink


Have you ever seen a little Mini Cooper with a big Red Bull can on top of it like so?…


Well, have you ever wondered who was behind the wheel and what they were doing in such an eye catching car? If you are ever in Louisville, Kentucky and happen to see this extravagant car, 50% chance is that It’ll be me behind the wheel!


YEP! I’m on the Red Bull Wiiings Team! I have been sampling cans of Red Bull for a full year and 1 month. It has been such a fun and rewarding job with so many opportunities to meet new people and experience new things. I have been able to watch how the marketing strategies and product branding strategies develop and change throughout the past 13 months. I am always keeping up my knowledge on the product, so no matter what situation, I’m able to rattle off all benefit messages and explain to you how much caffeine and sugar each can has compared to our competitors! As a Wiiings Team member, I am required to have positive energy, a smile on my face, and confidence to approach any crowd to ask if they would like to try our product. This strategy for an energy drink is very clever because no matter who receives a can of Red Bull, they will always have that moment we gave them something FREE in the back of their head. WE are loyal to our customers and that leads to loyal and passionate buyers! The picture of the DJ on the top left of the picture above is a picture I took at an event here in Louisville called Glow Go. This picture reminds me how awesome my job is to go around and make people’s days! So, if you ever see me or anyone with a Red bull back pack on that is full of product, make sure to ask us for some Wiiings!

Red bull

Here is a video that shows one of Red Bull’s biggest events that is on September 21st! RED BULL FLUGTAG! (Louisville has a FLUGTAG team, so tune in to the live stream hosted in Chicago, Illinois!) :


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