Strategy is KEY!


Strategic planning for a social media campaign has to accomplish certain marketing objectives. The first step to any social media campaign is to fully understand the industry or company that you want to plan for to discover their competitors, product category, and consumer market. This step, called the Situation Analysis, is explained more in the textbook, Social Media Marketing, by Tuten and Solomon used in Prof. Freberg’s class. Before anyone starts planning, there are several aspects to a company and their pre existing social medina platforms that you need to know about! Here are a couple questions to ask your client: What social media platforms does this company already have? What is the message and “feel” that this organization wants to give to it’s consumers? (and one of the most important) What is your budget? The whole point of strategic planning of social media is to reach your audience, sustain consistent engagement, and increase brand awareness. This is not easy, so a successful plan and follow up is a longer process than one may think. Deirdre Beakenridge is able to explain just that in her post on She goes on to explain; “When you focus on strategic planning, you’re able to enhance your engagement and create value for your organization, which can take the form of stronger relationships, increased awareness, a positive brand reputation and the ability to shift public opinion.”

Some key points when planning, are to be creative, relate to your target audience and entertain! Think about what would attract YOU as a consumer. Think about fun fundraising or competitions that allow people to put their own personality and twist on a product name and branding. When overwhelmed with different steps to perfect strategic planning, an article that gives you three specific steps may be up your alley:
When a company starts focusing on their audiences, then their audiences become loyal. That is the KEY! When you have loyalty and positive consumers that engage in the company’s profiles, you have success! 👍


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