99.7 WDJX: The Intern


I am an intern at the radio station 99.7 WDJX here in Louisville, KY.
This is an entertaining and hands-on type of atmosphere, which is right up my alley. I have been there for a month now, and have learned so much already.

DJX, being a radio station that plays/features the new top 40 hits, and has to please their listeners by evaluating the public’s interest in music. They do this by having producers come to the station and explain why or when a song by an artist they represent should be played. The unofficial decisions are made simply by having a follow up meeting with everyone in the station and having them rate songs that are new and upcoming to represent the general public.

After being at the station and observing Ben and Kelly, they taught me how to run the audio board. It is very intimidating. (as you can see in the picture below because of its several buttons and controls) Because I have been running the 9am hour for a while now, I’m getting pretty comfortable with all of the controls!

Last week was full of new experiences:

1. I had to help come up with scenarios for certain segments on the morning show. I quickly learned that the juicy and crazy news stories were the ones that most listeners call in about, which not only allows your show to be WIDELY hashtaged on Twitter or talked about, but brings your listeners to be loyal.. If you’re entertaining on their way to work today, they will tune in tomorrow to listen to your show!

2. I have recorded a total of 5 different advertisements to run throughout the day on the station 99.7. About two weeks ago I heard my voice; talk about weird! I’ve done advertising radio commercials from Boars Head, JCPennys, and Kohl’s. The way you use your voice to emphasize and produce feeling is something I will continue to learn.

3. Lastly, I was able to go into a separate station/recording booth to practice acting like I was recording segments for my own show. Lets just say voice work isn’t easy and takes practice!


Facebook: Ben Davis & Kelly K Show

Twitter: 99.7 DJX


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