Practice Makes Perfect.


I’m sure you all have heard the classic line: Practice Makes Perfect.

Well, this is true when it comes to blogging and micro-blogging. Blogging will not only allow an individual to market themselves professionally, but also allow one to have a voice and opinion about interesting and upcoming trends or products in this world. Don’t get me wrong, blogs aren’t just for professional or marketing uses. Blogs are used nation wide for those that enjoy creatively telling a story or experience to be shared among others online.

Micro-blogging is much like blogs except the length of blogs are much longer. The most popular microblogging site is Twitter, which only allows one to tweet a 140 character post. On micro-blogs, there is a capability to attach photos, link sites, and embed videos just like a traditional blog. I prefer to use micro-blogging (Twitter) just because of my short attention span. I am trying to get more involved with blogs and bloggers that give great insights to everything social media to help me learn and become more knowledgeable about certain platforms I am unfamiliar about.

Did you know you could make money as a blogger?  “A fantastic way to make money on your blog is by using affiliate marketing which basically means that when you mention a product like this you earn a commission if someone buys the product via your link.” -Josh Kohlbach

Josh is a blogger and has just recently posted about how an individual can make money as an affiliate marketer through blogs. He gives 3 basic tips: 1. Make sure the product or advertising appeals to your readers 2. Make your posts “un boring” and exciting & 3. Always reinforce trust from your readers by advertising and giving suggestions about trustworthy products. These are great tips and can apply to any blogger whether or not they are marketing or not. With blogging one must gain trust and loyal audience members so they are respected as a writer!

I found a video that further explains how to make money from your blogs by using certain marketing strategies. I love the concept of writing about what you love and are passionate about, so I wanted to give you all some more tips on how to be successful by talking about what you love.

When you consistently practice writing blogs or micro-blogs at that, there are going to be improvements on how you write and how interesting your writing style is. Start now, and who knows, you may make some money in the future!!


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