HootSuite University.


So, I’m enrolled in two different Universities. I am a student at the University of Louisville and also an online student for the University of HootSuite…. Okay, so that is a little exaggerated. ☺️ I am enrolled in the HootSuite University online social media training program where I will eventually receive my 🏆medal and certification in “social media management expertise.” I guess I should say that my goal for this program is to be knowledgable and aware of how to utilize the functionalities of HootSuite to build a stronger online presence.

HootSuite University’s coursework includes watching informative videos about HootSuite and other social media platforms. Here is the first video I watched on HootSuite University:

Having the certification program as a requirement for my social media class seemed a little overwhelming at first, but when I started getting the hang of it, I wasn’t so worried! I am actually starting to realize how much this class and HootSuite will help me in the real world. If I am being interviewed for a position and am asked about my experience with social media, I will have a strong background and feel confident explaining my knowledge. HootSuite can help me in a professional setting while tracking links on tweets, making customizable reports, or reporting with a team on campaign updates.

The last thing I want to touch base on is my Klout experience. I just watched a video in the course videos on Klout, so I took some time to check it out! I recently attached my Instagram and Twitter account to Klout and received my social media interaction score of 42! I was surprised how high my score was already and will be working hard to increase it. Check your Klout score and maintain a consistent positive reputation with all of your followers!



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