Oct 28th = SRC


What is all of this excitement on the west end of campus? Well, it is October 28th, 2013 and the new UofL Student Recreation Center is officially open!!! I have have been monitoring my Twitter and updating it throughout the day to live vicariously through other people’s pictures of their experience at the SRC. I have always wanted a facility near the West end to workout at, and it is finally here. I actually just got back from working out and exploring every opportunity that this new facility provides for students.

Here is a little insight on how Twitter was the Go-to for updates and information on the SRC! (It created an anticipation and excitement throughout the Louisville campus community)

By just simply searching for #SRC on Twitter:

I found these three Tweets of several others in just one scroll of a thumb!!! Using hashtags like #SRC , #UofL , and #ItsHappeningHere the University is able to see if the new facility was a πŸ‘ or a πŸ‘Ž. Let’s just say, the facility was the talk of Louisville!

Images that were posted on Twitter as well as Instagram:



Official SRC Website: http://louisville.edu/reccenter

Jennifer Jo


Sports & Social Media


Fans are always turning to social media for updates on their favorite team and individual players. Fan engagement in “real-time” on Twitter, especially, is a positive because in today’s world, majority of the audience is watching the game and have their mobile device in one hand at all times. Anything that happens on the field or court will be recorded through hashtags, pictures, or videos with one “send” button, and in seconds can reach thousands of people. This is amazing! Have you ever felt like you were actually right there at the game, but were miles away in your own home not even watching the game; just updating your Twitter and feeling as if you were feet away from the live action?
On an article, 3 Ways Sports And Social Media Build Fan Loyalty written by Josh Hoffert, it talks about how social media humanize a and personalized a team or player. It says, “Not only do fans love the emotion of the game, they love the story lines.” I believe this is true because the fans want to feel like a part of their world and know the juicy details. Isn’t that what gets people talking??

With online graphs and tables showing the amount of engagement through social media compared to other college teams, it is easy to see the top influencing teams online. http://www.sportsfangraph.com

With Louisville at the 26th spot, I was very surprised how low it was. But, I know that followers and engagement is measurable, but it can be hard because social media is always fluctuating.
20131025-151920.jpg Louisville’s Football Twitter @UofLFootball has 19.5 thousand followers. This is just football and not including other sports, and I remember when the Bowl Game was going on last year it’s followers grew! I think it is all about timing that brings in the most followers and engagement and whether or not the profile or team is going through a positive or negative time in the season.

Go Cards! ❀️

-Jennifer Jo

Marengo Cave


This past weekend I was able to take an adventure to my first ever cave experience. My boyfriend and I drove to Marengo, Indiana to have a tour through Marengo Cave. About a 30 minute drive through hills and a beautiful mountainous view, we arrived at a small log cabin shack with a sign “Welcome to Marengo Cave.” We only paid about $14 per person for the tours and only had about a ten minute wait! Being closterphobic, I was worried that being in small areas of the cave would panic me, but I have always wanted to go down in a cave, so I tried blocking out that thought. To waste time before the tour, Ian and I walked around outside and took a little hike through the hills.
We were finally called to start the tour! Ian and I walked out to the entrance of the cave, passed our tickets to our tour guide and were on our way down the stairs to the cave! Excited and a little nervous, I proceeded down the 29 steps. The cave was approximately 52 degrees and as soon as I walked in, the allusion from the water and reflections from the lights set up through me off. It was so wild how this natural landmark was discovered by an 11 year old and an 8 year old walking down with two candles that could have possibly blown out without an escape plan! I loved the experience and have learned that caves don’t make me as closterphobic as I thought I would be. My favorite part of the tour was experiencing complete darkness 100 ft below ground level. Talk about seeing nothing!!!
After arriving back to ground level, Ian wanted to buy the bags of crystals and gems to sift through. This was also fun to experience because the cave is known for their crystals. We ended up bringing home some beautiful emeralds and crystals!
This tour of Marengo Cave was a great experience, and it made me in the mood to check out other caves around Louisville such as Mammoth Cave or Diamond Caverns. If you have never traveled to a cave, go out and switch things up; go for a cave tour! It is exciting and adventurous!

-Jennifer Jo

Social Media Monitoring


“Listening to what your customers, competitors, critics, and supporters are saying about you is key to getting great results from your social media campaigns.” This is a quote from Pam Dyer who wrote an article, 50 Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Management, on Social MediaToday. What Pam shows in this article and all of the tools mentioned, gives a great overview of the meaning and importance of Social Media Monitoring.

Monitoring what people say about your brand, company, or organization is very important when it comes to becoming successful and knowing what the consumers expect out of a product or company. A vital part of monitoring is researching the amount of engagement through a certain medium. Are their any conversations about a product, do people use your hashtags in a positive message, and do you ever get retweeted or favorited? Also, you have to determine who all sees the content that is out about something. Followers branch out like a wildfire, so when evaluating the reach of a certain profile, it is easier to have social media monitoring programs to make things a lot easier!

Some helpful programs:

(Free) It tracks how many people are talking about you, who’s talking, and what they’re saying. You can search through a tweet archive for URLs sent via Twitter, including results for full URL links or shortened.


($Costs$) It’s a tool that provides live social intelligence by analyzing activity across all the major social networks. Use it to search, monitor, analyze, target, and engage in real time, all from one place.

-Jennifer Jo

THE Escape


When I first moved into my house with 6 other girls in August, I thought I had the greatest idea to purchase little robo hamsters at PetSmart. I mean, I was just strolling through the aisles while my boyfriend, Ian, was talking with the employees about frogs and fish when those fluffy small guys happened to catch my eye. Now look at these: adorable, easy to take care of, and fun to play with:
20131017-132939.jpgI thought, why not buy them? They were only $12.00 so then I thought, well if I have one, it needs a friend! So I bought 2 and all the gadgets they needed to live a great life. I got back to the house and the 6 girls I live with were confused as to why I bought hamsters. Let’s just say, most of them weren’t too fond of small “mouse-like” animals especially my best friend Chandler.
Now, let’s fast forward to the first week of October when I walked through my door and was startled by an object moving very quickly across the floor. “OMGSH one of my hamsters got out!!!!!!” I screamed and ran to catch it. I was way too slow to catch the spaz of a hamster so I tried again. Eventually, the hamster went missing and I couldn’t find him!
I went online to try and find tips on how to catch a hamster and still wasn’t able to find or catch it!!
There was officially a missing hamster running around our three story house.
20131017-151739.jpgScared to tell anyone in the house because of their fear of small rodents, I kept it a secret……… Until 2 days later when they called me about my hamster that was spotted running everywhere in the house!! With a sick feeling in my stomach, and no way to immediately go back home to open my door to put the hamster back in the cage, I informed them to put it in an enclosed area before I got home. Needless to say, my roommates told me I had to get rid of them, and so I had to respect their wishes. I ended up giving the hamsters to my boyfriend so I can still see them. Let’s just say it was for sure a dramatic week here at the house!

Jennifer Jo

Social Consumer


Saying someone is a social consumer seems to be such a broad label to match with anyone. Just brainstorming on who makes a “social consumer” I would say that anyone who uses social media for information sharing, product knowledge sharing and buying, and any other interaction over social media sites. A social consumer may be someone who simply browses online through other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. I went ahead and looked up a definition to social consumer, and even though I’ve been told not to rely on Wikipedia, I did this time: “The Social Consumer refers to a consumer that participates in social commerce, social shopping, and consults with social media and social networks when making purchasing decisions. Social consumerism implies the integration of the consumer’s social graph during the traditional shopping experience.”

So, after looking. At this definition and explanation, I think I was on the right track. I have realized that I utilize social media as entry points to purchasing certain items. For example, every morning I wake up the first thing I do is grab my iPhone and click through my Instagram feed. Now the only one posting in the middle of the night is the two dress and clothing stores that post pictures of dresses and shoes. So, I start my day out thinking of the cutest dresses and shoes that I want to eventually buy. When it gets closer to Christmas, these companies will help me out by giving me ideas for gifts as well.

The two companies I follow are:




This tactic of social consumer engagement through pictures and visuals are very productive and are a part of my life. Seeing products and being updated through posts on Twitter or Instagram will only encourage sales and that is how companies have become successful in this beautiful cyber world.



George Clooney and Sandra Bullock have impressed me once again in their new movie, Gravity. I have recently seen Gravity at an IMAX & 3D here in Louisville, Ky. Not typically a big fan of movies seen through 3D, I wouldn’t have wanted to watch the movie any other way! After seeing the amount of money earned through box office ($55.6 million) from an article about Gravity on USA Today: Life, I realized why my ticket to get into the movies was $14.00. But, like all people that were so driven to see the movie like myself, we didn’t care about the price tag. It was an escape and a thrilling ride. USA Today: Life quotes “Something very special is happening here. They used the 3-D so boldly in this film, and the audience is going along for the ride.” I agree. I walked out of the theater thinking that I was walking out of a simulator from Disney and hadn’t taken a breath during the whole movie!

The ratings of Gravity shot to an amazingly high 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. I would have given an individual score of 100% from my experience. The movie had me locked in from the very beginning with a storyline that made me feel the pain and frustrations. With a fantastic ending, I left the theater very pleased. The website: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/movies/2013/10/03/ten-reasons-to-see-gravity-sandra-bullock-george-clooney/2916797/?fullsite=true is very informative and gives 10 reasons why YOU should go see Gravity. The Number 1 reason that you should go see this film is because it was approved from folks who have been there:


THUMBS UP πŸ‘πŸ‘ to Gravity and to the people that made it possible. I was able to escape the real world for a bit and enjoy 90 minutes in space!

Thanks for reading- now go to the theater and see Gravity! πŸ˜‰
-Jennifer Jo