A World of Graphics and Visuals


A company or an organization without a logo may never be noticed. A brand without visuals may never be bought into, and a sports line without technical information shared through an exhilarating and intriguing video clip may never be remembered. Brands such as Nike, Pepsi, and Red Bull are just a few examples of companies that take control and lead by example when it comes to using visualization and infographics. Red Bull is consistently posting daring and adventurous photos on their Instagram to give visuals. Their slogan is “Red Bull Gives You Wings” and every photo posted relates to their theme. (Red Bull Instagram) image

An example of video use I want to show is a Nike campaign that used visuals and emotional appeal through a simple YouTube video from 2012. It relates the broad term of greatness to every individual. “Find Your Greatness”

Even outside of company logics and infographics, individuals are also using video and photo sharing on multimedia sites to uphold an image and draw attention. Video sharing sites such as YouTube and photo sharing sites such as Instagram are popular platforms that companies and individuals use for infographics.

I personally enjoy video sharing the most. My three favorite infographic and visual/photo sharing sites are YouTube, Vine, and Instagram. When I am on YouTube, I won’t be able to pry my eyes off the screen for at least 45 minutes. One video leads to another! Vine may be just a phase but I am a supporter. I am constantly trying to find new people and also trying to think of clever ways to be seen. Being a creative person, I also enjoy Instagram and it’s constant photo stream. A photo allows outsiders to feel updated on their friends’ lives and can keep family close by sharing memories from miles away. “Likes” on Instagram May be judged and competitive, but it all comes down to how you are using the visuals and if they are effective to your audience. So, share one of your favorite moments, play with filters to find the best lighting, and post a picture that will be scrolled through for viewers to be entertained!




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