Being Patient


Having nothing to do with social media or strategies to use while obtaining an online reputation, I have decided to get something off my chest. For the past 2 1/2 years I’ve been here in Louisville, KY (5 hours away from my family). I have established that my “home” is here in Kentucky. This isn’t because I have cut off all ties with my family in Illinois, but because I feel like I have become more of who I have always wanted to be while living here. If I had to choose one thing I miss the most about my old home in Carlinville (population of about 6,000) besides family and friends, it would be my DOG! Every time my father comes to visit, I have this excitement about seeing my dog, T-Bone. (We came up with the name from Clifford) he makes me so happy and has a way of comforting me when I need it! Can’t you see the resemblance? :

Given my love for dogs, I feel like I’m missing something in my life without a dog of my own while living in Kentucky for college. I see so many people walking around campus and downtown Louisville with dogs and my heart melts. I want and feel like I need a dog!! But, after coming so close to buying a dog at PetSmart through impulse, I had to back away and logistically think if it would be a good decision. Let’s just say I had to talk myself out of buying a dog because of the reality of every expense and amount of attention they entail. I knew that with my busy schedule, 19 credit hours of classes, a job, and an internship, that I wouldn’t be able to pay enough attention to the dog to train and take care of it. 😦 BUT, Here is a picture of the Italian Greyhound I will own when I am financially stable in the future: (I want it so bad!!)

An article I found from the website: supports my decision to wait until I’m financially stable and 100% committed before buying a dog that will “be your constant for the next 15 plus years.” It does say that if you are positive about buying a dog while in college to get a dog from a shelter (saving dog and saving money) and to buy it already full grown. It is just too much responsibility as a college student to be able to fully and correctly train a puppy. Read more on this article: “Should You Get a Dog in College?”
I just need to be patient and realize that someday it will be more ideal for me to own a dog that comes with more responsibility.In the meantime, I will just be dreaming and missing my little T-Bone until I’m able to enjoy my Italian Greyhound that I’m constantly thinking about. SIGH…..



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