George Clooney and Sandra Bullock have impressed me once again in their new movie, Gravity. I have recently seen Gravity at an IMAX & 3D here in Louisville, Ky. Not typically a big fan of movies seen through 3D, I wouldn’t have wanted to watch the movie any other way! After seeing the amount of money earned through box office ($55.6 million) from an article about Gravity on USA Today: Life, I realized why my ticket to get into the movies was $14.00. But, like all people that were so driven to see the movie like myself, we didn’t care about the price tag. It was an escape and a thrilling ride. USA Today: Life quotes “Something very special is happening here. They used the 3-D so boldly in this film, and the audience is going along for the ride.” I agree. I walked out of the theater thinking that I was walking out of a simulator from Disney and hadn’t taken a breath during the whole movie!

The ratings of Gravity shot to an amazingly high 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. I would have given an individual score of 100% from my experience. The movie had me locked in from the very beginning with a storyline that made me feel the pain and frustrations. With a fantastic ending, I left the theater very pleased. The website: is very informative and gives 10 reasons why YOU should go see Gravity. The Number 1 reason that you should go see this film is because it was approved from folks who have been there:


THUMBS UP 👍👍 to Gravity and to the people that made it possible. I was able to escape the real world for a bit and enjoy 90 minutes in space!

Thanks for reading- now go to the theater and see Gravity! 😉
-Jennifer Jo


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