Social Consumer


Saying someone is a social consumer seems to be such a broad label to match with anyone. Just brainstorming on who makes a “social consumer” I would say that anyone who uses social media for information sharing, product knowledge sharing and buying, and any other interaction over social media sites. A social consumer may be someone who simply browses online through other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. I went ahead and looked up a definition to social consumer, and even though I’ve been told not to rely on Wikipedia, I did this time: “The Social Consumer refers to a consumer that participates in social commerce, social shopping, and consults with social media and social networks when making purchasing decisions. Social consumerism implies the integration of the consumer’s social graph during the traditional shopping experience.”

So, after looking. At this definition and explanation, I think I was on the right track. I have realized that I utilize social media as entry points to purchasing certain items. For example, every morning I wake up the first thing I do is grab my iPhone and click through my Instagram feed. Now the only one posting in the middle of the night is the two dress and clothing stores that post pictures of dresses and shoes. So, I start my day out thinking of the cutest dresses and shoes that I want to eventually buy. When it gets closer to Christmas, these companies will help me out by giving me ideas for gifts as well.

The two companies I follow are:




This tactic of social consumer engagement through pictures and visuals are very productive and are a part of my life. Seeing products and being updated through posts on Twitter or Instagram will only encourage sales and that is how companies have become successful in this beautiful cyber world.


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