THE Escape


When I first moved into my house with 6 other girls in August, I thought I had the greatest idea to purchase little robo hamsters at PetSmart. I mean, I was just strolling through the aisles while my boyfriend, Ian, was talking with the employees about frogs and fish when those fluffy small guys happened to catch my eye. Now look at these: adorable, easy to take care of, and fun to play with:
20131017-132939.jpgI thought, why not buy them? They were only $12.00 so then I thought, well if I have one, it needs a friend! So I bought 2 and all the gadgets they needed to live a great life. I got back to the house and the 6 girls I live with were confused as to why I bought hamsters. Let’s just say, most of them weren’t too fond of small “mouse-like” animals especially my best friend Chandler.
Now, let’s fast forward to the first week of October when I walked through my door and was startled by an object moving very quickly across the floor. “OMGSH one of my hamsters got out!!!!!!” I screamed and ran to catch it. I was way too slow to catch the spaz of a hamster so I tried again. Eventually, the hamster went missing and I couldn’t find him!
I went online to try and find tips on how to catch a hamster and still wasn’t able to find or catch it!!
There was officially a missing hamster running around our three story house.
20131017-151739.jpgScared to tell anyone in the house because of their fear of small rodents, I kept it a secret……… Until 2 days later when they called me about my hamster that was spotted running everywhere in the house!! With a sick feeling in my stomach, and no way to immediately go back home to open my door to put the hamster back in the cage, I informed them to put it in an enclosed area before I got home. Needless to say, my roommates told me I had to get rid of them, and so I had to respect their wishes. I ended up giving the hamsters to my boyfriend so I can still see them. Let’s just say it was for sure a dramatic week here at the house!

Jennifer Jo


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