Marengo Cave


This past weekend I was able to take an adventure to my first ever cave experience. My boyfriend and I drove to Marengo, Indiana to have a tour through Marengo Cave. About a 30 minute drive through hills and a beautiful mountainous view, we arrived at a small log cabin shack with a sign “Welcome to Marengo Cave.” We only paid about $14 per person for the tours and only had about a ten minute wait! Being closterphobic, I was worried that being in small areas of the cave would panic me, but I have always wanted to go down in a cave, so I tried blocking out that thought. To waste time before the tour, Ian and I walked around outside and took a little hike through the hills.
We were finally called to start the tour! Ian and I walked out to the entrance of the cave, passed our tickets to our tour guide and were on our way down the stairs to the cave! Excited and a little nervous, I proceeded down the 29 steps. The cave was approximately 52 degrees and as soon as I walked in, the allusion from the water and reflections from the lights set up through me off. It was so wild how this natural landmark was discovered by an 11 year old and an 8 year old walking down with two candles that could have possibly blown out without an escape plan! I loved the experience and have learned that caves don’t make me as closterphobic as I thought I would be. My favorite part of the tour was experiencing complete darkness 100 ft below ground level. Talk about seeing nothing!!!
After arriving back to ground level, Ian wanted to buy the bags of crystals and gems to sift through. This was also fun to experience because the cave is known for their crystals. We ended up bringing home some beautiful emeralds and crystals!
This tour of Marengo Cave was a great experience, and it made me in the mood to check out other caves around Louisville such as Mammoth Cave or Diamond Caverns. If you have never traveled to a cave, go out and switch things up; go for a cave tour! It is exciting and adventurous!

-Jennifer Jo


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