Sports & Social Media


Fans are always turning to social media for updates on their favorite team and individual players. Fan engagement in “real-time” on Twitter, especially, is a positive because in today’s world, majority of the audience is watching the game and have their mobile device in one hand at all times. Anything that happens on the field or court will be recorded through hashtags, pictures, or videos with one “send” button, and in seconds can reach thousands of people. This is amazing! Have you ever felt like you were actually right there at the game, but were miles away in your own home not even watching the game; just updating your Twitter and feeling as if you were feet away from the live action?
On an article, 3 Ways Sports And Social Media Build Fan Loyalty written by Josh Hoffert, it talks about how social media humanize a and personalized a team or player. It says, “Not only do fans love the emotion of the game, they love the story lines.” I believe this is true because the fans want to feel like a part of their world and know the juicy details. Isn’t that what gets people talking??

With online graphs and tables showing the amount of engagement through social media compared to other college teams, it is easy to see the top influencing teams online.

With Louisville at the 26th spot, I was very surprised how low it was. But, I know that followers and engagement is measurable, but it can be hard because social media is always fluctuating.
20131025-151920.jpg Louisville’s Football Twitter @UofLFootball has 19.5 thousand followers. This is just football and not including other sports, and I remember when the Bowl Game was going on last year it’s followers grew! I think it is all about timing that brings in the most followers and engagement and whether or not the profile or team is going through a positive or negative time in the season.

Go Cards! ❤️

-Jennifer Jo


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