Oct 28th = SRC


What is all of this excitement on the west end of campus? Well, it is October 28th, 2013 and the new UofL Student Recreation Center is officially open!!! I have have been monitoring my Twitter and updating it throughout the day to live vicariously through other people’s pictures of their experience at the SRC. I have always wanted a facility near the West end to workout at, and it is finally here. I actually just got back from working out and exploring every opportunity that this new facility provides for students.

Here is a little insight on how Twitter was the Go-to for updates and information on the SRC! (It created an anticipation and excitement throughout the Louisville campus community)

By just simply searching for #SRC on Twitter:

I found these three Tweets of several others in just one scroll of a thumb!!! Using hashtags like #SRC , #UofL , and #ItsHappeningHere the University is able to see if the new facility was a 👍 or a 👎. Let’s just say, the facility was the talk of Louisville!

Images that were posted on Twitter as well as Instagram:



Official SRC Website: http://louisville.edu/reccenter

Jennifer Jo


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