HootSuite Certified


The HootSuite University certification process is finally complete for me! I have learned so much through all of the videos and exams that follow. Being able to control and monitor my social media platforms, set Tweets ahead of time, and search for hashtags and key terms easily has been a new change and a great experiment.
Now what does it mean, and what are the benefits of being HootSuite Certified when I get out to the real world??

I found a post from Cezary Gesikowski talking about advancing to the HootSuite page of certified pros and it’s advantage. I saw a comment of his that said being able to put on your resume after college that you are certified can be a benifit if you are going for a marketing, advertising or social media position. On the website ( http://gesikowski.blogspot.com/2012/08/hootsuite-professional-certification-is.html?m=1 ) he continues with a list of opportunities and capabilities he has enjoyed. He listed:

Hidden Gems: advanced analysis tools and engagement techniques
Access to Case Studies: learn from the mistakes of others

I thought it was interesting that one could easily learn from others mistakes right on HootSuite!

With many exciting avenues and experiences, I am still in the process of fully understanding all capabilities. I hope to one day use the dashboard more frequently.

Jennifer Jo


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