Guest Speaker: Joey Wagner


Today in my Social Media 460 class, I was excited about our guest speaker, Joey Wagner. Being a former Ladybird dance team member at the University of Louisville, I have had a little insight about what Joey and his company does because of the several events of his and appearances I had to attend to help out. As a guest speaker, I was able to get a better idea of what all Joey is involved in.

Joey is co-owner of the J Wagner Group marketing and promotions company here in Louisville. Joey has experience with promotions, event planning, celebrity charities, and even brand marketing. J Wagner Group is always busy with monitoring and developing a trusting and loyal promotion company. The Kentucky Derby is an event where celebrities are highlighted, and Joey was able to plan events during the festivities to bring them together for a charity event/party. Thunder lounge and Jock Tails are two of several activities that keep the J Wagner Group busy during the Kentucky Derby.

The most discussed event that Joey talked about was their recent Pink Prom. Pink Prom is an event that mimics prom for 21-35 year olds. Proceeds go to breast cancer awareness. Starting out with an attendance of about 400 people two years ago, Joey has spread events across Lexington, Cincinnati, and Louisville’s past attendance of near 800 people and $15,100 in donations to the Susan G Komen foundation. It is amazing what a little “teasing” on Twitter will amount to and how the use of hashtags are able to build interest for certain events.

He has several clients and his client base is constantly and impressively growing. He was very interesting and had several tips for those that are interested in the industry!

Jennifer Jo


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