The Adventures of the Toyota Camry


With a father that owns an automotive and tire service in a town with a population of less than 6,000, I never had to worry about car problems as a teenager. When something was wrong with my vehicle, I would always trust that my dad would take car of me! Being such a positive and caring father that I will always look up to, he has always found a way to make things work, even as a father of 2 daughters that are enrolled in college.

So, along with all of that, he found a way to throw in two cars for my sister and I that are in college in 2 different states. Not saying they are new cars, but they work and do the job!

My car, is a different story though. I currently drive a Toyota Camry which was purchased from a customer of my fathers for only $200! Now, the only reason it was a “steal” was because the transmission was ruined, and their only option other than a several thousand dollar fix, was to junk it. MY DAD WOULD NOT LET THAT CAR PASS. Being the Toyota fan he is, he bought it, rebuilt the motor and transmission, and handed it over to me at age 16!!!!

5 years later and 233 miles from home (5 hour drive) my trusty Toyota hasn’t failed me. BUT The thing is, before and during college I have put near 100,000 miles on my beautiful 2000 Toyota Camry. I’m at a whopping 216,640 miles!!

My first adventure was to Houston, TX!

I have learned to fit my whole life in my car. From Illinois to a University of Louisville dorm room and everything in between, I’ve found a tactic where everything I own will fit in my car. Is this dangerous? Yes. But, without any other option I make it work.


I have moved my entire life to a new location SIX times in the past 2 years while living in Louisville, KY and have traveled to Houston, TX, Daytona, FL, New Orleans, LA, Atlanta, GA, and Indianapolis, IN, Columbus, OH, and Steelville, MO in the past 4 years.

……everything has been wonderful and easy sailing until just recently the check engine light came on…. 😢 I’m crossing my fingers that the prized peach of a YOTA holds in there until Thanksgiving so my father can fix it. If it weren’t for my Toyota, the memories I have created through my travels would have never happened with such ease and trust!

The adventures will continue, and in my future I hope to own another Toyota that can offer more space for my belongings, because my future holds hopeful travels!

@Toyota : Toyota USA

-Jennifer Jo


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