Event Planning through Social Media


Event planning seems to go hand in hand with social media. I like to think about how special events around the world became successful without the help of social media back before Facebook and Twitter. Spreading the word and creating a sort of hype for an event has been elevated to another level. An article on bizbash.com that talks about event planning and the need for social media today explains a study that has been done.
From a guest lecture this week and others in the past, I have realized that events take a lot of time, planning and most importantly money! With the expenses of venue, decorations, dj, sound system, etc, cost can only be supported through sponsors. Sponsors are the one thing that can boost an event to a whole other level. They help advertise through Twitter profiles, tease thoughts and themes that tie into the event, and can offer give always to increase engagement!

Every event needs a social media plan. You should know your target audience, where your target audience is on social media, how they use it, and most importantly their attention span towards certain content. Another idea is to use social media to show RSVP. With Facebook there are pages to favorite and allow the owner of the page to know you are coming to the event. OR there is a specific tool called Splash that was created in 2011 to event planners to manage and share events with guests online. Mashable has an article explaining more on this and the success stories.

Whether or not you have a Facebook page or Twitter account for a specific even or not, it is easy to create pages and handles along with a hashtag to spread an excitement about an event. Just remember: Tweet consistently, reply to comments, spread hype through visuals, and possibly create a way to know the amount of people that will show up for future reference!

-Jennifer Jo


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