Lady Gaga released her new album at midnight today: ARTPOP. I pre-ordered it yesterday and have been constantly listening to her magical creation since the clock struck 12am.
20131111-212602.jpgBetween class, while driving the Red Bull car, and while I type this blog up on my iPhone her album has been playing through my headphones and speakers. To be honest, the album will be the soundtrack of the rest of the my semester. Let’s just say, I am a serious fan of Lady Gaga. She is crazy, bold, talented, and entertaining. She is a true artist and I will always be inspired and passionate about Gaga!

My love for Gaga started when my dad called me during my senior year in high school, 2010, and told me that he bought my sister and I tickets that were by the stage for the Monster Ball tour! Brought to tears, my outfit planning started, and I sewed up a creation for her concert. My sister and I looked at each other while walking out of the stadium and said “that was the best night of my life!” Lady Gaga put on a show. A production. A getaway from life. She was everything!

Developing a tradition after Lady GaGa’s album Born This Way came out in May 2011, my dad bought my sister and I another pair of tickets to her Born This Way Ball tour that was in 2013. We made sure to one up our last costume, and had another amazing night.
As ARTPOP came out at midnight, all I could think of was the next tour of Gaga and what kind of production it would be. Lady Gaga will always pull an idea out for her concerts and I pray that I can experience the show again for the third time. When my sister sent me this picture while I was listening to the same song today, I knew that when I go home for Thanksgiving, our car rides will be full of memories and smiles AND GAGA!!…

Jennifer Jo ❤️🎵


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