Social Media & Crisis Communications


Every company or organization has equal opportunity for crisis to come their way through social media. Social media is open to everyone, and when everyone has control of a companies reputation. How so? Well, if a customer is disrespected by an employee of a company, has a hatred for a brand, or feels the need to make fun of something’s, they are able to. Crisis among the social media world is threatening and needs strategic plans to push away the threat before it is in full swing!

On Bernstein Crisis Management , there are 10 steps and strategies for crisis management:
(Here are some I thought were interesting)
1. Always expect that you are just as vulnerable to crisis as other businesses are. Plan for the crisis and have responses ready.
2. Train your companies spokesperson. The public doesn’t see the “behind the scenes,” of the crisis. They are all just worried about the reputation of your brand and if they trust it through your spokesperson.
3. Establish a monitoring system. Replying to hashtag comments or comments directed towards a certain profile so you are aware or what is being said. People don’t expect a response to a negative comment, so be polite and apologize even if you don’t feel like the company should apologize. says:
“However, PR’s job is to make these sorts of annoyances disappear as quickly as possible, and that’s less likely if you’re engaging with an angry mob: your participation keeps that conversation alive.”

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Your response to any crisis should be planned and not off the limb!

“Plan your attack”

-Jennifer Jo Costello


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