Final Day at WDJX


My 317 communications internship was with 99.7 WDJX radio station here in Louisville, Kentucky. They are located at 520 S 4th St. which is downtown beside 4th Street Live. 99.7 WDJX is under Main Line Broadcasting and plays the top hits on the pop billboard charts. I was an intern for The Ben Davis and Kelly K. Show that ran from 5:30am until 10:00am.

The goal I had for this internship was to gain experience with broadcasting and running a radio show. I wasn’t initially interested in a career in radio broadcasting or promotions for a radio station, but after being with Ben and Kelly for about 3 ½ months, I started thinking about possible jobs that would entail skills used for running a radio show. Almost every Thursday, Jack Phillips, the Production Manager, would have commercials for me to record. Through my experience with reading an advertisement, recording my voice, figuring out ways to change the tone and speed of my voice, and learning how to cut down pauses, I accomplished my goal of being able to make a successful audio clip to be used on air.

Thursday, November 14th was my last day at the internship. That day was the most memorable one I had at the station. The day started out with a not so pleasant surprise. I had to spin the “Wheel of Dares.” The wheel landed on a dare called “chewed gum.” Well, let’s just say Ben, Kelly, and Alex had to chew a piece of gum and put it in my hand while I proceeded to put it in my mouth and chew it for 10 seconds. I thought that was disgusting, and then Kelly added a pop tart bite in the gum. Let’s just say, I was on air throwing up.

They all ended up buying me breakfast after my crazy experience on air, and it made up for the dare. I am so glad I was able to become close with Ben and Kelly and gain experience with radio broadcasting. Leaving was bitter sweet, but I hope to continue the relationship I have with WDJX in the future!
Ben Davis & Kelly K Show: Facebook

-Jennifer Jo


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