Lucky Number 25


My 25th blog post is dedicated to the last COM 460 assigned blog. It has been a journey, and while I look back at my first posts, I can tell that I have made some improvements! Social media class at the University of Louisville isn’t your normal college course. It has taught me the power of social media and the numerous opportunities in this world that require knowledge and experience with social media.

I have learned the importance of monitoring social media, legal implications, strategic planning, social media influence, and how to become viral. When it comes to event planning, social media with use of hashtags and infographics are your best friend. Being able to hear several news anchors from around Louisville talk about their interactions on Twitter and Facebook while on air and off air to prepare for segments just shows how social media is emerging in the workforce. As a result, Universities have been incorporating these tasks in their course work.

The strategies and teaching style that Professor Freberg has used is an example of what students should expect a lot more of in the future.

Colorado Technical University has an article called:The Beauty of Technology: How Classrooms are Harnessing the Power of Emerging Media
The article explains the new learning techniques that are emerging in the classroom in today’s society. It talks about the effect of visual learning through animation with subjects such as science or engineering.

Now, pertaining to social media in the classroom, I found an article that sounded very familiar. An article about a professor using Twitter for outside participation for a college course. “Do Social Media Benefit College Students by Engaging Them in the Course Material?”
by DR. SHAMVA WRIGHT on MAY 1, 2013
Dr. Shamva explains how she would use Twitter to ask students bonus questions and advice on future homework assignments. This reminded me of the interactions I have had this semester with the Freberg13 hashtag.

This class has allowed me to be more confident as I go out into the real world to find a job. As social media becomes a part of everyone’s day-today lifestyle and “go-to” for information seeking, businesses and corporations are becoming more interactive on social media. Because of this development, I hope to one day use my knowledge to help a company succeed in providing positive influence to create loyal customers through social media!

-Jennifer Jo


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